NextBug is a free open-source tool to recommend similar bugs to maintainers based on the textual description of the bugs stored in Bugzilla.


NextBug 1.0 Screenshot 1


Download NextBug 1.0 full release.

How to Install

  • Install Bugzilla (go to and follow the instructions) if you dont already have it.
  • Unpack the contents of the Nextbug file in the “extensions/” folder inside Bugzilla (a NextBug folder will be created).
  • In NextBug folder there is a “required_libs” subfolder with Perl libraries. Install the libraries to your Perl interpreter (follow the instructions for each library). NextBug-1.x requires four libraries: Lingua-Stem-Snowball, Lingua-StopWords, Log4perl, and Math-Random-ISAAC.
  • Set the NextBug folder (and all its subfolders) permissions, ownership and group to be the same as Bugzilla. Examples:
    • Setting the permissions: “chmod -R 751 NextBug/”
    • Setting the owner: “chown -R <bugzilla-owner> NextBug/”
    • Setting the group: “chgrp -R <bugzilla-group> NextBug/”.
  • Remove the “disabled” file inside the NextBug folder.
  • Enjoy the features of NextBug.

Help Us Improve NextBug

NextBug is an academic project developed by members of this research group. If you are a NextBug user and wish to help us improve this tool, you can do it in one of the following ways (no money required):

  • Send to us the NextBug log files (two files inside a “log” folder in the NextBug). The log files contains only anynomous usage information that will help us analyse and improve NextBug according to a real usage enviroment.
  • Send an email to us, with your suggestions on how to improve NextBug.

More Info

[URL] Henrique Rocha; Guilherme Oliveira; Humberto Maques-Neto; Marco Tulio Valente. NextBug: a Bugzilla extension for recommending similar bugs. Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development, volume 3, issue 3, p.1-14, 2015.

[PDF] Henrique Rocha; Guilherme Oliveira; Humberto Maques-Neto; Marco Tulio Valente. NextBug: A Tool for Recommending Similar Bugs in Open-Source Systems. V Brazilian Conference on Software: Theory and Practice (Tools Track), p. 1-8, 2014. (best tool award)

Screencast (in portuguese for NextBug version 0.8)

Old Versions

We strongly recommend using the current version of NextBug, as it includes all features of previous versions plus new ones. The current version may also have improvements over the internal components. However, if still want to try an old version, here is the download list.

Older versions follow slightly different instalation instructions as the current one. These instructions can be found inside the packed file.